Terms and Conditions

We work to provide you the right strategy and maximize the possibility of selling your property.

Our services adapt to your needs and you can choose one of the following options:


EXCLUSIVITY REGIME - We recommend this option to all our customers as it is the service most likely to maximizes and enhances the sale of your property.

Exclusivity implies that only Marcela Properties has the right to promote the property during its period of validity. Talk to us to know more about the advantages of having your property marketed Exclusively by Marcela Properties


NON-EXCLUSIVE REGIME - As an alternative to the previous option, if you wish to work with more than one real estate agency or you simply do not intend to work on an exclusive basis, you can choose a non-exclusive regime.

CONTRACT DURATION - The duration of the mediation agreement with Marcela Property has a standard term of 12 months. However, the duration can be adjusted according to your needs.


Agreements may also be terminated by both parties subject to specified prior notification.


Using our vast experience in the local market and negotiations, extensive agent network, and marketing skills, Marcela Premium is
committed to giving you the best experience in the luxury 
market in Portugal.

Contact us for more information and to present a personalized proposal.